“Just wanted to let you and Tamara know that I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop… it was very relaxing and mind opening to me… thank you again and I most certainly will be joining future sessions.” – Diane L.

“I enjoyed that session Sunday afternoon… I felt better… Thank you for everything you do.” – Carmen L.

“I was completely taken away by today’s experience.  I have participated in person several times and was looking forward to this time together.  I can only say that my day was light and joyful ten fold after our class.  I am looking forward to the next time. Peace and Light.” | “Thank you Tamara and Ileana. The class was soothing and reflective. Thoroughly enlightening.” – Susan L.

“It was a beautiful experience! Many thanks to [Ileana] and Tamara!” – Rhonda N.

“Thank you so much for this beautiful practice today. I feel wonderful and very peaceful! Ahhh…😌 I’ve never experienced Reiki, so this was a new experience for me. I loved our combined energy too. My body is still tingling!  Both of your voices are very soothing.😌 I hope to join you again soon.  Peace and Namasté- Jennifer🙏💞☮️ THANK YOU!!💝” – Jennifer W.

“I really enjoyed your class today! Thanks so much for making my day!” – Bonni T.

“Hi Ileana and Tamara, thank you to both you for the Workshop today.  Today made me realize how much I have missed attending your workshops and am grateful that you both were able to hold the workshop in a virtual setting.  It is truly amazing that so many of us have been able to adapt and remain connected during the pandemic.  Just shows us our resiliency to adversity.  The workshop was certainly rewarding to me and as the day goes on I will continue to remain in the “moment”.  I look forward to receiving the recording and to future workshops!  Blessings and Peace!” – Debbie F.

“Attending the Yoga Nidra workshop online was wonderful! My body went deeper, without the resistance I can feel in studio, knowing I was in the comfort of my own bedroom.” – Shoshana Z.